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( ik-spōz )



[ME. exposen < OFr. exposer; prob. < L. expositus pp. of exponere see EXPOUND but associated in OFr. with poser < L. pausare; see POSE].

    • To remove shelter or protection; lay open (for danger, ridicule, attack) to lay open or leave vulnerable and unprotected. To abandon, to put out into the elements, without food or shelter.
    • To make accessible or subject to an influence or action.
  1. To lay something out in an unprotected place; abandon; such as Some schools unwantingly expose children to crime.
  2. To make visible; disclose; reveal; exhibit; display.
    • To unveil fraud or make a crime known.
    • To make one's illegal activities known.
  3. Photography. To subject sensitized film or plates to the action of light or actinic rays.

Syn. Show.

—ex•pos′er n.

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  • The American Heritage Dictionary, Second College Edition ©1985
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